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As a Local Distribution Company, London Hydro is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) a crown corporation that is responsible for overseeing the Province’s electricity and natural gas sectors and all of its participants. London Hydro’s rate applications must be approved through a complex hearing process from the OEB. The OEB also sets the prices for Regulated Price Plan time-of-use electricity rates and approves the rates for distribution/delivery and transmission. In short, they are the regulatory policy makers and it is our job to inform you on our regulatory activities.

This page contains important information on any filings, regulatory proceedings or other matters relating to our regulator.

Ontario Energy Board Scorecard


Ontario's Electricity Supply Mix 2022 Data 

Electricity Sources

 Ontario's Electricity Mix*

Nuclear Energy51%
Water Power 25.1%
Natural Gas10.2% 
Solar PV2.5%
Other (non-emitting)<1%


Note: Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding.

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Active Applications

OEB Case Number  

 Applications For

EB-2023-0037May 1, 2024 IRM Rate Application


Application Archives

OEB Case Number 

 Applications For

EB-2022-0048May 1, 2023 IRM Rate Application
EB-2021-0041 2022 Cost of Service
EB-2020-0038May 1, 2021 IRM Rate Application
EB-2019-0052 May 1, 2020 IRM Rate Application
EB-2018-0051May 1, 2019 IRM Rate Application
EB-2018-0118London Hydro 71.4 Green Button Application
EB-2017-0059May 1, 2018 IRM Rate Application
EB-2016-00912017 Cost of Service
EB-2016-0146Application for new Cellular Meter Read Charge
EB-2015-0087May1, 2016 IRM Rate Application
EB-2015-0289Application for a Licence Amendment to exempt London Hydro Inc. from Section 5.1.3 a) of the Distribution System Code until December 31, 2016
EB-2014-0292Application for a Licence Amendment to exempt London Hydro Inc. from Section 5.13 a) of the Distribution System Code until December 31, 2015
EB-2014-0092May 1, 2015 IRM Rate Application
EB-2014-0196Application for an Accounting Order to establish deferral and variance accounts to record transitional adjustments to retiree life insurance benefits
EB-2013-0150May 1, 2014 IRM Rate Application
EB-2012-0380Application for Disposition of the Balances of Group 1 Deferral and Variance Accounts
EB-2012-0146May 1, 2013 COS Rate Application
EB-2012-0187Application for 2012 Smart Meter Cost Recoveries
EB-2012-0296Application under Section 86 (1) (b) of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998
EB-2012-0220Motion for a Review of the Board's Decision Dated April 4, 2012
EB-2011-0181May 1, 2012 IRM Rate Application
EB-2010-0097May 1, 2011 IRM Rate Application
EB-2009-0235May 1, 2010 IRM Rate Application
EB-2008-0235May 1, 2009 COS Rate Application
EB-2007-0844May 1, 2008 IRM Rate Application
EB-2007-0552May 1, 2007 IRM Rate Application
EB-2007-0017Make changes to its Conservation and Demand Management Plan
EB-2006-0127Amendment to the Decision and Order in proceeding RP-2005-0020/EB2005-0389