Electrical Vehicle Charging Connections

electric vehicle charger being plugged into a car

This section is intended to outline the process for the connection of public charging facilities that commonly service multiple Electric Vehicles (EV’s) as well as fleet charging stations.  This is applicable to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) connections including, but not limited to, non-residential customer applications including Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations, such as publicly accessible direct current fast charging stations, workplace charging, charging stations used for commercial EV fleets and charging installations for multi-unit residential or commercial buildings, where the EV chargers are owned or operated by the building owner or a third-party charging provider. The primary purpose of the new or expanded connection must be specific to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

The process is NOT applicable to EV chargers installed by individual residential customers or unit owners/tenants of a multi-unit residential building. 

London Hydro’s specific requirements for the EVSE connections are outlined under Appendix G -  Distributor Specific Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Requirements of our Conditions of Service

A customer intending to connect EVSE to London Hydro’s distribution system can submit EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR) (Step 1) then followed by a Connection Request Form (Step 2).

Preliminary Consultation (Step 1)

The customer  may choose to request a preliminary consultation by completing an EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR) form.   A preliminary consultation is an optional step for customers, who may instead choose to proceed directly to a connection request.  The purpose of the preliminary consultation is to provide high-level connection feasibility information to a customer who has uncertainties regarding site selection for the EVSE, or those who are unsure about committing to EVSE installations. If a customer has already decided on a specific location for the EVSE, the preliminary consultation may provide limited benefits and requesting a preliminary consultation may extend the overall connection process.

To initiate a preliminary consultation, the customer should email a completed EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR) form to commercial@londonhydro.com. A copy of this form is available here.  London Hydro will review and respond with an Electric Vehicle Preliminary Consultation Report (EVPCR) within 15 calendar days of receipt of a complete EVPCIR.


Connection Request (Step 2)

If a customer wishes to connect an EVSE to London Hydro’s distribution system, they must email  a completed Connection Request form, along with requested information, to commercial@londonhydro.com.  A copy of the Connection Request form is available here. Once received, London Hydro will review and respond within 15 calendar days confirming if the Connection Request submission is deemed complete or if additional information is required.

Once the Connection Request submission is deemed complete London Hydro will provide an Offer to Connect letter to the customer within 45 calendar days of receipt of the complete Connection Request submission.