Builder's Portal

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A Perfect Solution for Local Builders That Require Site Status Updates From London Hydro

Sign up for the Builder's Portal today to gain access to a Builder's dashboard. Or, if you want more information, watch our video to learn how you can register and benefit from the Builder's Portal.

Features include:

  • Notifications for on site servicing via text and/or email
  • The assignment of your site supervisor(s) as site contacts to each permit listing
  • Confirmation of site details
  • Providing a site readiness date
  • Confirmation of site readiness for service
  • A Service Request Progress Log to review site servicing details


Through the Builder's Portal, London Hydro will notify you:

  • If there are issues relating to site servicing
  • When trenching is complete
  • When ESA approval has been received
  • When the meter is installed
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Keep Your Project Running Smoothly

Use Builder's Portal to keep track of your project permits and monitor their progress.