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Having real-time information on your energy consumption is a powerful tool. Sign up as a MyLondonHydro subscriber and you’ll have instant access to your energy usage data, current account balance and payment records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Think of the potential savings you could enjoy and, by managing your energy consumption, you can help reduce your carbon footprint too.

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You’ll Be Able to Manage Your On-Peak, Mid-Peak and Off-Peak Energy Usage.

As a MyLondonHydro subscriber, you’ll be able to access your energy usage on a daily and even hourly basis during the three key time periods: On-Peak, Mid Peak and Off-Peak. The more you can shift your usage to Mid-Peak and Off-Peak times, the more you can reduce electricity consumption and lower your energy bills. 

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Choose the Price Plan That's Best for You

Compare price plans based on your actual usage and easily switch between plans.
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Paperless Billing & Aeroplan Program

Register for paperless billing today and get 5 Aeroplan points for every bill you receive electronically.
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Pay With Visa or Mastercard

Paperless customers can pay their bills using VISA or Mastercard in MyLondonHydro or Trickl.
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Delegate User

Grant delegate access to your online account to someone you trust.
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Trickl Puts Your Power In Your Pocket

Trickl - London Hydro's mobile app - takes everything you love about MyLondonHydro and makes it mobile.