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London Hydro is a Local Distribution Company that services the City of London, Ontario, Canada. With a peak load of 694 megawatts, we deliver a safe and reliable supply of electricity to over 162,140 customers from the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors, through over 3,070 kilometres of overhead and underground cables, spanning 420 square kilometres of service territory. As a wholly-owned subsidiary company, we operate much like a private entity under the Ontario Business Corporations Act, paying an annual dividend to our sole shareholder, the City of London. In essence, all Londoners own London Hydro.

Facts & Figures
  • Large transformer stations - 6
  • Local substations - 34
  • Total SCADA-connected devices - 508 (protection relays, communicating faulted circuit indicators, SCADA meters, RTUs)
  • Automated switches - 59
  • Overhead lines - 1,390 km
  • Underground lines – 1,687 km
  • We bill over 120,250 water customers
  • Employs over 300 full-time permanent staff
  • Our electricity assets are valued at $390,400,000
Highlights of Our Performance
  • Our net earnings in 2020 were $5.7 million with a return on equity of 3.3%
  • In 2021 we invested $37.3 million in capital additions to our distribution infrastructure
  • In the 2021 Customer Satisfaction survey, we had an overall customer satisfaction rating of "A"
  • Our employees contributed $28,000 in 2021 through payroll deductions to local charities of their choice
  • London Hydro has invested more than $50 million to rebuild and enhance the downtown supply
  • Our Paperless Aeroplan Customer Loyalty program has over 15,000 customers receiving monthly Aeroplan Miles for receiving their bills online
  • Over 81,800 customers used MyLondonHydro in 2021
  • Over 74,000 customers were on paperless billing at the end of 2021
  • London Hydro has the third-lowest distribution rates when compared to other Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) across the province
  • Power Forward’s London-2-London pilot project offset 3,608 kg of CO2  emissions, based on more controllable loads and intelligent devices such as smart appliances, Phantom Load and scheduled EV charging
  • We have an average outage frequency of one outage/customer/year (SAIFI) with an average duration of one hour/interruption/year (SAIDI)
  • Total energy distributed on the system decreased in 2020 by 1.4% to 3,162.2 gigawatt-hours 



To provide safe, reliable electricity and energy related value-added services.


London Hydro is your trusted energy services provider and we do so through innovation, customer focus and operational excellence.



Safety is our first priority.


Our employees are our greatest strength.


Our customers are our primary focus.


We are stewards of the public trust and we demonstrate the highest standards of professional ethics and accountability in all our activities. We treat others with respect and trust.


We will be open, innovative, and adaptable as we help to shape the industry’s future.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

We are committed to being a financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable company.

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London Hydro's Strategic Plan

As a Local Distribution Company (LDC), our responsibilities are the distribution of electricity, customer billing, customer care, energy conservation...