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We are a Local Distribution Company that services the City of London, Ontario, Canada. Our purpose is to provide safe, reliable electricity and value-added services.
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TOU or Tier? Choose the plan that's best for you.

Use the NEW Electricity Price Plan comparison tool to see a personalized comparison between Time-of-Use and Tiered price plans based on your actual usage.
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Don't get left in the dark

Sign up for Outage Notifications and you'll get notified by phone, email or text if an outage occurs.

Energy and Water Saving Resources

Whether you’re a homeowner interested in reducing your energy use or a business looking for ways to manage overhead costs, a variety of tools, resources and programs are available to help you save on your utility costs.
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Payment Arrangements

If you're having difficulties, we're here to help.

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Property Management Portal

Take control of your property information

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2020 Report on Progress

Look at what London Hydro accomplished in 2020