At London Hydro, safety is our first priority. Our commitment to safety not only extends to our employees, but to our customers as well.

An electrical stack damaged by ice and snow

How to Check for Damages on Your Building's Electrical Stack

Sometimes during storms, damage can occur to the electrical stack attached to your building, preventing us from reconnecting power until repairs are made. Find out what to do if your electrical stack is damaged in a storm.
Family laughing together

Your Safety

Find out how to stay safe around electrical hazards in and around your home.
Construction Site

Community Safety

What you need to know about staying safe around electrical equipment in your neighbourhood.
Lightning Strike

How to Stay Safe During a Power Outage

Are you prepared for a power outage? Here are some simple ways to be sure you’re prepared.
Electrical power line running through leaves on a tree

Powerline Safety

Learning how to stay safe around powerlines can save lives.

Farm Stray Voltage

Learn about stray voltage and how to request an assessment for your farm.

Need to report an electrical emergency?

If you see a potential electrical danger, such as tree branches on powerlines, downed powerlines, or leaking transformers, please contact London Hydro's emergency line as soon as possible so we can fix it.

Call: (519) 661-5555


Mobile phone

Outage Notifications

Stay informed about power outages that affect you. Log into your MyLondonHydro account and register for Outage Notifications.
Picture of London Hydro's Outage Map

Outage Map

You can view any power outages throughout London by viewing the Outage Map. Click on the affected area to see the estimated restoration time and number of customers affected.