How to Switch Price Plans With Trickl

Please note, to use Trickl, you will need to download London Hydro’s Trickl app. Learn More…

To choose the price plan that’s best for you…

1. Log into Trickl.

2. Click on the Settings icon, then click the Explore Plans button in the TOU vs Tier Comparison box.

Trickl's Settings Menu

3.  View and compare the TOU and Tiered pricing of your last bill and see the projected difference for your next bill.


TOU vs Tier graph in Trickl

Historical, present and future price comparison chart

To Switch Your Plan…

4. Simply click on the Switch Price Plan Now button.  

Switch Plan Now button

5. Choose the plan you prefer to be on and press Submit.

Submit screen

If you don't have a MyLondonHydro account, you can learn more about the benefits of registering for your own account. You may also use the OEB's online calculator.