London Hydro 1st Utility to satisfy Ontario’s Green Button Regulation

Published Date
Tuesday, July 5, 2022

London Hydro is proud to announce that they are the first Canadian utility to complete the Green Button Alliance's Connect My Data (CMD) Version 3.3 Testing and Certification process, which is the requirement of Ontario Regulation 633/21.  The Ontario Government has mandated that nearly all regulated electricity and natural gas utilities provide Green Button to their customers by November 2023. 

GB CMD 3.3

“London Hydro went through Green Button Alliance (GBA)’s comprehensive certification process to ensure our platform met the North American Energy Standards Board’s (NAESB) Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) version 3.3 standard,” said Syed Mir, CIO and VP of Corporate Services for London Hydro. “We plan to share our certification process experience with other utilities through the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Green Button working group.”

The GBA’s Green Button Testing and Certification Program is designed to support and accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of compatible, interoperable Green Button solutions. Easy access to standardized energy consumption and billing data is critical for customers who are increasingly using the web, mobile apps, and smart devices to manage and understand their energy usage.  As the demand for access to energy data increases, customers and application developers will look to utilities to provide Green Button Certified CMD solutions.  


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