London Hydro and JOMAR Announce Collaboration on Green Button and IT Solutions

Published Date
Tuesday, March 8, 2022

London Hydro, an industry leader in Green Button solutions, and JOMAR Softcorp, an innovative, customer-focused utility software development company, announced their collaboration on complementary service offerings and bundles. Local distribution companies (LDCs) will be able to easily integrate London Hydro’s Green Button services with JOMAR’s Customer Information Systems (CIS), Meter Data Management (MDM) and Settlement applications under this partnership.

JOMAR and London Hydro Partnership

London Hydro and JOMAR provide cost-effective, quick-to-market, turn-key digital solutions to LDCs and Bulk Metering Services for electric, water, and gas. These services are compliant with the recent Ontario Government mandate that nearly all regulated electricity and natural gas utilities need to provide Green Button to their customers by November 2023.

Together, London Hydro and JOMAR deliver a full-scope, Green Button powered customer engagement platform and LDC enterprise-grade solution that includes:

  • MyAccount - An online portal that provides customers with 24/7 access to a suite of self-serve options.
  • Trickl - A mobile app that delivers the best of MyAccount’s self-serve functionality for electricity, water and gas services. Trickl integrates smart home devices, personal distributed energy resources and hybrid heat pumps for increased visibility and control.
  • Commerce - An energy monitoring and tracking tool for large commercial and industrial customers.
  • MDM - Provides actual, estimated and aggregated consumption, generation and peak demand values for any service location of any rate class. Through notifications, manages budgets, thresholds and consolidated targets for residential, commercial and institutional customers across all service locations.
  • CIS - Supports customer moves into, within and out of service territory. The system includes historical pricing, projected billings, balances, payments and a host of self-serve transaction APIs.
  • Settlement – Includes customer historical monthly usage/generation, revenue and energy cost with aggregation across all rate classes and rate types. 

“London Hydro has been involved in the province’s Green Button initiative since its inception in 2015 and is now helping LDCs satisfy the Ontario mandate through a shared services model,” says Syed Mir, VP of Corporate Services and CIO for London Hydro. “Our partnership with JOMAR offers an end-to-end solution for Ontario utilities looking to deploy Green Button with out-of-box integration to CIS, MDM, Settlement and mobile applications.”

JOMAR has consistently invested in innovative new product development and services to support the Ontario Green Energy and Smart Grid Initiatives since 2009. Collaboration with LDCs resulted in JOMAR developing and releasing an open, API-based CIS/MDM technology platform for electric, water and gas utilities that supports the regulated and deregulated Ontario markets.

“Our partnership with London Hydro provides LDCs with a fully integrated customer engagement platform leveraging built-in CIS and MDM APIs with Green Button technology,” says Mark Blasman, VP of Business and Product Development for JOMAR Softcorp. ”Integrating these services increases the quality of customer service and improves the overall customer experience.”

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